Featured in the Seattle Bride "Best of 2017" edition!

So the deal is: This band loves music and since you are reading this, you probably do too. We also like playing it. We like playing it for people who like music. We hope you see a pattern here. 

We dig Marvin Gaye and his ability to seduce everyone with his grace, Otis Redding who breaks your heart and makes you yearn for passionate requited love, Al Green who lifts your spirits like a southern gospel choir, and Stevie Wonder who captures everyone’s breath with his songs and unmistakable voice.

Our tribute continues to grow every day. We want you to come with us down this journey, dance and sing with us, light the fire and fan the flames, taste the magical gift of melody, rhythm, and harmony. Let's embrace these moments together and enjoy them like they precede our last breath.

Roemen and The Whereabouts


You've gotta see this review from a wedding (and they named their first born "Roman" after the band....no kidding!): 

 "They're consummate professionals (after the closing number, while they were packing up their gear, they were already talking about new ideas for harmonies, which breakdowns to extend, which choruses to beef up, etc.) but they're also SO MUCH FUN--to watch, to listen to, to dance to, to applaud and applaud and applaud.  From the important logistics (sound systems and arrival times and set lists) to the most important thing of all--helping everyone dance their pants off--they were flawless.  And so friendly and so generous with their good vibes!  Also, one of my baby nieces (a two-year-old named Hero) pretty much fell in love with the guitar player.  That was also hilarious and awesome.  In short, I hereby swear I will crash every single wedding they play at from now on, and that's the ONLY downside to asking them to be your band. I now believe that every marriage should be built on a foundation of trust, and Roemen and the Whereabouts."